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Conference 2019

13th September to 17th September, 2019.   Venue: Shantivan, Abu Road, Rajasthan

The Transport and Travel Wing has organized a refreshing National Conference-cum-Meditation Retreat - 'Speed, Safety, Spirituality' for those who wish to steer to serenity. This small interval in time can be the turning point in the expedition of our life.

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The Transport and Travel Wing (TTW) of RERF engages voluntarily with people associated with the transport, travel and tourism sectors. The aim is to strengthen the foundation of human values in these sectors. The approach is to enable the people in these sectors explore their innate values, realize their potential and experience holistic development. The vision is to see the transport and travel sector emerge as a powerful agent of spreading happiness and harmony.

TTW is one of the 18 service wings of RERF - a sister concern of the Brahma Kumaris organisation. This wing undertakes various educational programmes and events like training programmes, seminars, retreats, conferences as well as awareness building events with some key aims like:

  • Enhancing Safety in driving and all forms of travel
  • Enhancing quality of services in the said sectors through the application of spiritual values like peace, love, compassion, humility etc
  • Promoting responsible tourism
  • Facilitating spiritual tourism

Experience Experiences
Laldas J.N. Laldas
Chief Engineer - SWR, Indian Railways
July 2011

I feel a lot of energy within. I feel I've been able to overcome the turmoil in my mind and the weaknesses that were affecting my performance.....
Spiritual Tourism Spiritual Tourism

Retreat within to relax, refresh and recharge... Know More about retreat centres and spiritual art galleries of the Brahmakumaris across India
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