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The Transport and Travel Wing offers special courses and training programmes for personnel working in the transport, travel and tourism sectors. These courses facilitate individual growth, team building as well as organizational development. All services of the Brahmakumaris are offered free of cost based on the principle that knowledge is invaluable and that wisdom of human values is the birthright of every human being.

Topics and Themes of the Courses

I. STEP training programme (Success Through Excellence in Performance):

Success is the goal of most human action. But is success a goal or a journey? Is it winning rewards from the external world or conquering the limits within? Explore the meaning and secrets of success through the STEP training programme. It promotes success that is inner-driven, that emerges from excellence in performance. The journey of excellence begins from a better understanding of the self and works its way through self-confidence in action, building harmonious relationships and motivated teams and anchoring oneself in sound spiritual principles. The STEP training programme comprises eight sessions. Read more.

II. Foundation Course in Rajyoga Meditation:

At the heart of the Brahmakumaris University's teachings is the Foundation Course in Rajyoga Meditation. This course provides a logical and practical understanding of the relationship between the internal self and matter as well as the interplay between human beings, the Supreme Being and the material world. It helps one learn Rajyoga meditation, which is a very powerful yet extremely simple and creative method of becoming aware of and experiencing one's inner virtues and powers. This series of 7 classes is provided at every centre of the Brahmakumaris. To know more about this course and/ or to organize this course for your team, contact us.

To read more about Raja Yoga Meditation and Experience meditation online, click here

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Who can Avail these Courses

These courses can be organized for personnel of any public or private company, firm, organization or government department associated with these industries : roadways, railways, automobiles, petroleum, transport infrastructure and tourism.

Where are these courses organized

The Transport and Travel Wing organizes these courses at various retreat centres of the organization across the country. These sessions can also be organized in-house for companies, firms and other groups. To know more about how you can participate in or organize such sessions for your team, contact us.