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--------Seminars and Retreats--------

TTW organizes seminars and retreats at various retreat centres of the Brahmakumaris. These residential programmes attract participants from various government, semi-government institutions as well as private enterprises engaged in the transport and travel industry. Participants are helped to explore and experience how self-awareness and spirituality can enrich personal and professional life.

Serene Landscapes, powerful vibrations of peace and an atmosphere where one can truly breathe human values provide the perfect setting to relax, reflect and think creatively. Transport and Travel Wing organizes seminars and retreats at various places for professionals associated with the Transport, Travel and Tourism industry. Various educative methods like talks, workshops, panel discussion, meditation exercises and games are used to help the participants rediscover their inner powers and qualities, reflect on their role in strengthening the sector and interact to understand different perspectives.

RTC Training program

Hanamkonda Dist, Telangana - 2023

RTC Training classes was conducted using power point clips for drivers, conductors & technicians by BK Vimala sister (HANAMKONDA center) Warangal zone, Telangana State.

Greencell Mobility program

Greencell mobility, Lucknow and Agra - 2023

Greencell Mobility Road Safety session was conducted on 29-April-2023 along with Best Employee gift presentation by the Depot

Greencell Mobility programme was conducted on 28-January-2023 by B.K. Dr Varsha, B.K Jaishree, B.K Archana along with programme co-ordinator Mr. Gouravji and also a program for drivers At Agra - BK Sisters from Idgah center

Safety through Spirituality

A Seminar at Lodhi Road, Delhi - 2022

BK Piyush Bhaiji conducted a workshop titled 'Safety through Spirituality' in Nippon Express (India) Ltd (a Japan based logistics Multinational Corporation - MNC). The seminar included a talk, guided meditation and audience interaction. The program was very well received

Stress Management

A Seminar at Vadodara Divisional Control Room. 26th May 2022

A Divisonal Safety Seminar was organized by TTW wing in association with Vadodra Division of Western Railways. Eminent meditation coach & life-style educator BK. Subash, BK. Praveena (Atladara Centre), Chief Guest Bro. Shri Sanjay Tiwari - AOM along with Co-ordinator Bro. Amod Kulkarni (CPCR/WR/BRC) conducted the session.

Topics of sessions included:

  1. Who actually drives? Hands? Eyes? Brains? Talent? Consciousness?
  2. Stabilize your Mind. Sharpen your Intellect. Minimize the Response-Time. Refine the Judgement. Enhance your Concentration and Explore the core faculties of Soul.
  3. Say Good Bye to Human Error.
  4. Strengthen your innate Self and See the Miracles of Human Excellence.

Total 45 Trainees from Various parts of India Including Chief Instructor Bro. Shri Ved Prakash, Chief Train Controller Bro. Shri Manoj Gupta and AOM Bro. Shri Alpesh. Panchal attended the session.

Earlier this program was planned on 27thMay but due to some circumstances arranged on 26thMay

Service Meeting

At Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 2022

श्री चंचल कुमार, IAS, नवनियुक्त प्रबंध निदेशक, National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corp. Ltd., M/o Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India को बीके पीयूष भाईजी ने बधाई दी एवं ट्रांसपोर्ट विंग की गतिविधियों से अवगत कराया।

Living in Harmony with Nature

At Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 2022

ब्रह्माकुमारीज़ द्वारा रेलटेल कार्पोरेशन ऑफ इंडिया लिमिटेड, रेल मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार, नई दिल्‍ली के राष्ट्रीय कार्यालय में लिविंग इन हारमनी विद नेचर विषयक कार्यशाला का आयोजन विश्‍व पर्यावरण दिवस के उपलक्ष्‍य में किया गया। संगोष्ठी में ब्रह्माकुमार पीयूष भाईजी, जोनल कोऑर्डिनेटर, साइंटिस्ट, इंजीनियर एवं आर्किटेक्ट विंग ने मुख्य प्रवचन दिया।


15th to 17th May 2020

Online Event for personnel associated with Transport, Travel and Tourism Sectors.
Time: 10-11am and 5-6pm on all 3 days.
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Spiritual Journey

Seminar cum Retreat, At Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurgaon. 8th - 9th January 2011

This programme was attended by more than 120 participants from various fields like the Ministry of Railways, Civil Aviation, Shipping, Road Transport & Highways and Delhi Transport Corporation. Over the two days, the participants explored various aspects of life's journey through sessions on various themes that included:

  1. Managing Stress while at work
  2. Enhancing our Inner Powers to overcome Ego and Anger
  3. Knowing the Self and Supreme
  4. Developing Harmony in Relationships
  5. Technique of Communion with the Supreme
  6. Temperaments to Achieve Success

For a the detailed programme schedule, click here (pdf file).
For a visual glimpse of the programme, click here (flash file)

K Chaudhary: Chief Materials Manager - Northern Railways
Rajesh K Shekhawat: Director Vigilance - Ministry of Railways
Sanjay Kumar - IPS (Director Vigilance) - Ministry of Railways
B Majumdar - Director Establishment - Ministry of Railways
Sanjeev Mishra - Director Stores - Ministry of Railways
M K Sharma - Joint director - Ministry of Railways
Prem Singh Meena - Dy Secretary - Ministry of Railways
Narender Singh Pundir - SSE Chittorgarh (Rajasthan)
S K Sahoo - Under Secretary
Anand Aggarwal - Under Secretary (Presently with Edu Ministry)
A N Aggarwal - Under Secretary
Pradip Sabharwal - Executive Secretary to transport Ministry
A K Ranjan - Section Officer
Raj Kumar - G M (P & A)
Jagannath - AG M (CP & MS)
Ashok Kumar - Jt. G M (F & M)
J B Saini - D G M (F & A)
Brajendra K Verma - Manager Accounts
Alka Verma - Manager (PS)
Atul Agarwal - Director of Ministry of Education
A K Gaur - Director - Ministry of Education
S P Singh - AGM MTNL
Dr M R Singh - MD

Positive Attitude for Success

Seminar At Happy Village Retreat Centre, Chennai - 3rd October 2010

It was an enlightening day for the Joint Commissioners and RTOs of Transport Department, Govt. of Tamilnadu participating in this one day retreat cum training programme organized by the Brahma Kumaris. BK Beena, Service Co-ordinator, TamilNadu welcomed the gathering. Mr John Louis, Joint commissioner, Chennai stressed on the importance of such training programmes which helps them to be energetic and feel refreshed from their normal hectic routine. Important topics like Positive Thinking, How to lead a happy life and Meditation were dealt in the programme. BK Kalavathy, Director of the Retreat Centre and BK Uma from Thiruvannamalai were the faculties for the training. Around 60 high level officers participated in the retreat. The participants also visited Brahma Kumaris Musuem located at Sriperumbudur in their return journey.

For a visual glimpse of the programme, click here

Spirituality for Professional Excellence

National level Seminar-cum-Retreat At Gyan Sarovar, Mt.Abu, India. 30th July to 3rd Aug 2010

This four-day retreat was a opportunity for personnel from the Transport and Travel sectors to rejuvenate and replenish their physical, emotional and spiritual energies in the beautiful surroundings of Gyan Sarovar, Mt. Abu. Participants shared their experiences of how the morning meditation hour each day had a great cooling and refreshing effect on the mind. The Rajyoga sessions helped the delegates understand the basic aspects of spirituality while the technical sessions helped them understand the application of spirituality to various aspects of their personal and professional lives.
For visual glimpses of the seminar, click here (flash file)

Topics of sessions included:

  1. Values for Excellence
  2. Wisdom of Right Attitude
  3. Knowing the Self and Supreme
  4. Safety Through Spirituality
  5. Continuous Improvement
  6. Ultimate Intelligence
  7. Rajyoga Meditation Course - 5 topics

For more details of the schedule and topics, download brochure.

The 420 delegates at this seminar included senior executives and other personnel from various institutions like:

  1. Various zones and departments of the Indian Railways - WR, CR, ECR, NR, SR, SCR, SWR, WCR, NER, Railway Board, ICF
  2. State transport corporations including GSRTC, MSRTC, KSRTC, RSRTC, DTC, Haryana Roadways
  3. Public corporations like BEST, MMRDA, AMTS
  4. RTO officials from across the country
  5. Private companies and enterprises including Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Ltd




Director Vigilance

Ministry of Railways

Sandeep Jain

Director Safety

Ministry of Railways

Navin Chandra Das

Deputy Director

Ministry of Railways

K.D. Manrai



Saroj Rajware


Northern Railway

V.K. Gupta


North Eastern Railway

Pramod Kumar

Chief Administrative Officer(Con.)/North

East Central Railway, Hajipur

J.S.P. Singh

Chief Personnel Officer

East Central Railway, Hajipur

Maheshwar Singh

Sr. DSC/E.C.Railway/Sonpur

East Central Railway, Hajipur

Vikash Chandra

Deputy Chief Vigilance Officer (Electrical)

East Central Railway, Hajipur

Arun Rathod


South West Railway, Hubli

Byadya Naik

Sr. Commercial Manager

South West Railway, Hubli

Mohan Kumar

Sr. Personnel Officer(SPO)

South West Railway, Hubli

S.Mohan Kumar


South Western Railway


Dy. Chief Vigilance Officer-Engg.

North Western Railway

P.K. Gopalkumar

Sr. Personnel Officer(PC)

Western Railway

R.S. Badole


Western Railway

Satish Bansal

Dy. Chief Account Officer

Western Railway

Mahabir Prasad

Dy. Chief Account Officer

Western Railway

Toshani J. Chauhan


Commercial Railways

Mahesh Chandra


South Central Railway

A. Gopinath


South Central Railway

Ajeet Saxena


Southern Railways


Dy. Chief Vigilance

Southern Railways



Tarun Sharma


Honda Motor Cycles

Gaje Singh Gulia


Haryana Roadways

V.K. Gupta


J.Kumar Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd



J.H. Solanki

Divisional Controller

Amareli (G.S.R.T.C.)

K.S. Chaudhari

Divisional Controller

Palanpur (G.S.R.T.C.)

N.S. Patel

Divisional Controller


Gorakh Kadam

Divisional Controller


Tanaji Jadhav

Div. Traffic Controller


Rediscover the Leader Within

National Level Dialogue At Prabhu Upvan , Mumbai, India 2nd to 4th April 2010

Leadership is an art of reaching the heart. It is a sensitive skill that demands managing the most important of all resources - the Human Resource. Introspection, self-analysis, personal transformation, are all vital tools to design the self into an ideal leader.

Some of the leading persons from the transport and travel sector took time out to discover their inner beauty, connect with the Supreme Being, share insights and to discuss application of these experiences to enhance effectiveness of services. The three-day event comprised of workshops, group discussions, out-bound activities and meditation practice.

Topics of sessions included:

  1. Values for Excellence
  2. Mind Power
  3. Reinforcing Faith in the Supreme Being
  4. Developing Harmony in Relationships
  5. Applied Spirituality at Workplace
  6. Spiritual Leadership

For a copy of the detailed programme schedule, download brochure.
For visual glimpses of this event, click here (flash file)

R.R. Jaruhar Ex-Member of Railway Board Ministry of Railways
Rahul Himalayan AGM IRCTC
Arvind Mule DGM  BEST 
Anil Taksande DGM(HRD) IRCTC
Vani Murthy & RGK Murthy Sr.AFA/EG Western Railway
Ravi Kumar Bhargava Sr.Financial Advisor Western Railway
Prabhu Dayal Sr.AFA Western Railway
Satish Bansal Deputy CAO Western Railway
Rajendra Saxena Chief Engineer Western Railway
Dr.Gopal K.V.Shastry Consultant Tata Consultancy Services
Chandrakant Kharatmal Transport Commissioner RTO
Shankarkumar Albela Deputy CDO Mumbai Rly. Vikas Corporation
Dr.Roopkumar Belsare Sp.Metropolitan Magistate & Asst. RTO RTO
Gabriel Anthony Pillay Sr. Personnel Manager South Western Railway
Arun Rathod Deputy COM South Western Railway

Spirituality for Excellence in performance

Seminar cum Retreat At Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurgaon 25 - 26th Dec 2009

This programme was attended by more than 270 participants from various institutions including Ministry of Railways, Civil Aviation, Shipping, Road Transport & Highways, Tourism, Delhi Transport Corporation & State Transport Authority NCR. The programme was very well received and appreciated by all the participants.

Topics of sessions included:

  1. Managing Stress while at Work
  2. Knowing the SELF & SUPREME
  3. Enhancing our Inner Powers to overcome EGO & ANGER
  4. Technique of communion with the SUPREME
  5. Developing Harmony in Relationship

For visual glimpses of this event, click here (flash file)

- Sanjay Goel: Director Vigilance - Ministry of Railways

- Santosh Mittal: Dy Director - Ministry of Railways 

- Kuljit Singh: Enforcement Director - State Transport Authority NCR

- DTC Depot Manager's: 3 Depot Managers from DTC

- Tej Pal Singh: Dy Commissioner Industries (education & Transport section)

- Gopi  Krishan Bali : Head NGO; AADITYA

- G R Khetrapal: Under Secretary - Ministry of Shipping Road Transport & Highways

- R. N Juneja: Under Secretary - Ministry of Shipping Road Transport & Highways

- U S Thakur: Under Secretary - Ministry of Shipping Road Transport & Highways

- Rajesh Kumar: Asstt Director; Ministry of Tourism

- Rajender Murgai: Hotel owner (Abu Dhabi)

- R P Mukherjee: Sr. Manager Engg; Airport Authority of India

Safe Highway of Life-My Choice

At St. Petersburg, Russia 14th Nov 2009

This public program was dedicated to the Global Safety of Driving. Around 60 participants jointly undertook a journey exploring the causes and remedies of the global malaise of traffic accidents. The event was piloted by BK Santosh. She was joined by Mr. Valeriy Skrylev - President of Aikido Federation, Mr. Mikhail Alexandrov - Deputy Dean of St.Petersburg State University of Transportation and Mr. Otari Sharashidze - General Director of "ConceptAvto" company who shared their valuable insights on the theme.

Click here for a brief report of this event and experience few moments of this journey.