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Meditation Resources for Downloads

The Transport and Travel Wing has developed educative resources to promote values like safety, cleanliness, co-operation and humility in relation to providers as well as users of transport and travel services. It also covers themes like de-addiction, overcoming road rage and managing stress during delays.

Main meditation resource categories for view / play / downloads are:

  1. Exhibition Images
  2. Audios
  3. Video Clips
  4. E-mailers
  5. Public Interest Messages

~ Exhibition Images ~

A picture is worth a thousand words... it is said. TTW has developed interesting pictures to draw the attention of the human mind to crucial but simple aspects that can make journeys in life as well as life's journey more enjoyable. This exhibition comprises of eleven pictures. Each picture visually describes a theme.

This exhibition is available in both Hindi and English. The size of the pictures is 25 inches by 18 inches. A book explaining the description of each picture is also available in Hindi and English. Transport and Travel Wing also organizes this exhibition at various locations like company campuses, railway stations, bus depots etc to raise awareness on these themes. If you wish to purchase this set of pictures and / or the book or if you wish to organize such an exhibition for your company/ organization, please CONTACT US. All resources have a nominal price to cover the cost of producing them. Postage would be charged extra, whenever applicable.

~ Audios ~

Safar Ki Saugat (Hindi)


Yatriyon ko Shanti ka Upahar

Harmony ka Anubhav

Parmatma ke Saath ka Anubhav

Mann ko Taro Taaza

Jimmevari ka Ek Kadam Aage

Suraksha ke Liye Sahyogi

Vicharon ka Traffic Control

Atma Santosh ka Anubhav

Maitri ke Beej Boye

Bharpoorta ka Anubhav

Jivanke Mulya ko Mehsoos Kare

Shanti ki Saugaat Paayein

Samay ko Hire Tulya

Sthirta ka Anand

Jivan Yatra ka Anand

Ruhani Mitra ki Awaaz

A Gift for Life's Journey (English)


Turning Time into Gold

Gifting Peace

Creating Harmony

Refreshingmy Mind

Enjoying Stability

Experiencing the Value of Life

Co-operating for Safety

Feeling Gods Company

Sowing Seeds of Friendship

Fulfilling Responsibility

Experience Abundance

Listening to Your Soulmate

~ Video Clips ~

The Boy who did not stop

Follow Signal Lights

Use Overbridge

Be Aware while crossing

Seat Limit

Zebra Crossing

Wear Seat Belt

Wear Helmet

Flicker Flicker Traffic Light

Jack n Jill

Johnny Johnny

Humpty Dumpty

I am a Traffic Light

~ E-mailers ~

~ Public Interest Messages ~