Railways Rajesh Shekhawat Rajesh Shekhawat
Director (Vigilance) - Railway Board
July 2010

We witnessed a practical model of exemplary service while at this seminar. I came here seeking to know how spirituality can contribute to professional excellence. We learnt quite a lot about spirituality here. But I'd like to emphasize one thing. Being in the service sector, one very important aspect for all of us to learn is 'how to serve' and 'serving with a smile'.
Ajeet Saxena
Chief Traffic Manager - Southern Railway
July 2009

Spirituality is like understanding the operating manual for the machine called 'human being'. All our actions must be prompted by the dictates of the spirit; whereas, in current times, all our actions are dictated by the needs of matter.
Railways Ajeet Saxena
Railways Bro Laldas J.N. Laldas
Chief Engineer - SWR, Indian Railways
July 2009

Spirituality helps us recognize the power within us - most difficult tasks become easy. From the course of day-to-day living, when I came in touch with spirituality, I never imagined it will be so beautiful! I feel a lot of energy within. I feel I've been able to overcome the turmoil in my mind and the weaknesses that were affecting my performance.
Gabriel Pillai
Senior Personnel Officer - South Western Railway
July 2009

Spirituality will make a big difference in the way I train personnel. I train people in various other aspects. But after I came to this programme, I felt there is one thing which was missing and I wasn't doing. We depended mostly on IQ, PQ - Personality Quotient and then Emotional Quotient. But the Spiritual Quotient which was missing - I'm going richly back with this particular aspect of training and I will certainly apply it in my future sessions.
Railways Gabriel Pillai