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Transport and Travel Wing

The Transport and Travel Wing (TTW) of RERF engages voluntarily with people associated with the Transport, Travel and Tourism sectors.

The aim is to strengthen the foundation of human values in these sectors. The approach is to enable the people in these sectors explore their innate values, realize their potential and experience holistic development. The vision is to see the transport and travel sector emerge as a powerful agent of spreading happiness and harmony.

TTW is one of the 18 service wings of RERF - a sister concern of the Brahma Kumaris organisation. This wing undertakes various educational programmes and events like training programmes, seminars, retreats, conferences as well as awareness building events with some key aims like:

Enhancing Safety in driving and all forms of travel

Enhancing quality of services through the application of spiritual values

Promoting responsible tourism

Facilitating spiritual tourism


Glimpses of Events

Year 2024: Recent Events

Year 2023-24: All Events

2022 Seminar: Stress Management


Based on the principle of HUMAN Values

Free of cost courses to facilitate individual growth and team building.

 STEP training programme (Success Through Excellence in Performance)

The STEP training programme comprises of eight sessions - Speed without strain, Safety through spirituality, Journey with Harmony etc.

 Foundation Course in Rajyoga Meditation

This course provides a logical and practical understanding of the relationship between the internal self and matter as well as the interplay between human beings, the Supreme Being and the material world.

These courses can be organized for personnel of any public or private company, firm, organization or government department associated with these industries : roadways, railways, automobiles, petroleum, transport infrastructure and tourism.

The Transport and Travel Wing organizes these courses at various retreat centres of the organization across the country. These sessions can also be organized in-house for companies, firms and other groups. To know more about how you can participate in or organize such sessions for your team, contact us.


Art of Relaxing and Empowering for Travellers

Travel Time is Time to Recharge...

Meditation is focusing on a thought and remembering my eternal identity, re-awakening a wonderful state of well-being...

The practice of meditation makes us calm, stable, positive and alert. All these qualities are also very essential while driving or travelling.

Like any skill, Meditation requires practice. By doing a little meditation every day, it soon becomes a natural and easy habit, which generously rewards you for the effort it involves.

Raja Yoga is an ancient system of meditation and spiritual understanding. It is a method of relaxing and refreshing mind and heart.

It helps you look inside to rediscover and reconnect with your original spiritual essence, thereby estoring a balance between your inner and outer worlds.

You can travel much further on your inward journey by learning how to meditate through our free Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation, based on understanding the incredible power of the mind.


To Transport, Travel and Tourism sectors


Refreshing National Conferences for those who wish to steer to serenity.

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Road Safety Weeks

Programs to support the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

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To spread awareness and develop human resources for a safer, happier and cleaner environments

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Seminars and retreats to explore and experience how self-awareness and spirituality in personal and professional life.

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Collaborates with the government and other institutions in various cities and engages children, youth and adults.

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Offline Competions, Online Quizes to raise awareness along with associates of RERF

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Yearly Conferences


Pledges for Road Safety


What they are saying about us

We witnessed a practical model of exemplary service while at this seminar. I came here seeking to know how spirituality can contribute to professional excellence. We learnt quite a lot about spirituality here. But I'd like to emphasize one thing.

Rajesh Shekhawat

Director (Vigilance) - Railway Board

Spirituality is like understanding the operating manual for the machine called 'human being'. All our actions must be prompted by the dictates of the spirit; whereas, in current times, all our actions are dictated by the needs of matter.

Ajeet Saxena

Chief Traffic Manager - Southern Railway

Spirituality helps us recognize the power within us - most difficult tasks become easy. From the course of day-to-day living, when I came in touch with spirituality, I never imagined it will be so beautiful! I feel a lot of energy within.

J.N. Laldas

Chief Engineer - SWR, Indian Railways

Spirituality will make a big difference in the way I train personnel. I train people in various other aspects. But after I came to this programme, I felt there is one thing which was missing and I wasn't doing.

Gabriel Pillai

Senior Personnel Officer - South Western Railway


Meditation resources for Travellers


  • Harmony ka Anubhav
  • Man ko Taro Taza
  • Gifting Peace


  • The Boy who did not stop
  • Follow Signal Lights
  • Use Overbridge
  • Be Aware while crossing

Exhibition Images

Nominal one time
  • Safety First
  • Comfortable Journey
  • Ideal Traveller
  • De-stress First

~~~~~~~~Spiritual Tourism~~~~~~~~

Retreat centres and Spiritual art galleries

Welcome on a (visual) tour of the most beautiful and serene retreat centres and spiritual museums developed by the Brahmakumaris as oases of peace across the globe. These homely campuses for spiritual education provide the perfect setting for exploring the self, the Supreme and the mysteries of time. They are also examples of how the inner beauty of virtues and spiritual powers manifest as beautiful and environment friendly architecture, smooth management systems and an atmosphere charged with peace and purity.


A Team of TTW Visionaries

BK Dr Nirmala Didi

Chairperson, TTW

BK Divyaprabha

Vice-Chairperson, TTW

BK Kunti

National Coordinator, TTW

BK Suresh

HQ Co-ordinator ,TTW


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