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The Transport and Travel Wing (TTW) works to spread awareness and develop human resource for a safer, happier, cleaner and greener environment with respect to the transport, travel and tourism sectors. For this, it engages with operators, providers as well as users of services in these sectors. Some of the events organized by the wing are described briefly on this page.

Road Safety

An exclusive project is being implemented by the Brahma Kumaris for promoting Road Safety. The project titled 'Safety through Spiritual Life-Skills' has been designed in synchrony with the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. It highlights the importance of a stable mind, clear intellect and responsible action as precursors to road safety. Join us on a journey as we strengthen a culture of Driving with Dignity, Working with Wisdom and Living with Love. READ MORE

Road Safety Campaigns

At the dawn of each New Year, ‘safety first’ is the spirit reinforced by the Road Transport Authority in India by observing the Road Safety Week. TTW collaborates with the government and other institutions in various cities and engages children, youth, adults and especially personnel engaged in the transport and travel sectors to reaffirm the value of safety for oneself and everyone. READ MORE

Seminars and Retreats

TTW organizes seminars and retreats at various retreat centres of the Brahmakumaris. These residential programmes attract participants from various government, semi-government institutions as well as private enterprises engaged in the transport and travel industry. Participants are helped to explore and experience how self-awareness and spirituality can enrich personal and professional life. READ MORE

Training programmes

TTW has been conducting training programmes especially the STEP training course for personnel of various public undertakings and private enterprises associated with transport and travel. Some examples include BEST Mumbai, Kadamba Transport Corporation Goa, State Transport (Gujarat, Maharashtra), Indian Railways, Maruti Suzuki and Mahindra & Mahindra. READ MORE


Human values are invaluable
The inheritance of divine values from the Supreme Being is the birth right of every Soul
Hence all services of the Transport and Travel Wing are offered free of cost to all