Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Prajapita Brahmakumaris World Spiritual Organisation has its headquarters at Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India. Nestled in the highest and holiest hills of the Aravali mountain ranges are the campuses of the headquarters and two retreat centres (Madhuban, Gyan Sarovar and Shantivan), a scenic park (Peace Park), spiritual museums, hospitals offering medical services with quality and equity and also, soulfully tended organic fields.


Madhuban (meaning 'forest of honey'), is experienced as a tower of peace, purity and power which plays its role as the headquarters for more than 8,500 Rajyoga centres worldwide. Adjoining this campus is Om Shanti Bhavan or the Universal Peace Hall. Built in 1981, this hall can accommodate 3000 people and has no pillars within its four walls. It has hosted numerous national and international conventions on spiritual and social themes and also houses a spiritual museum. Peace and purity engulfs every person who sets foot onto Madhuban. Radiant faces of seasoned yogis and pure love in each atom seem to send out just one message - "Welcome Home". (Flash file)

Gyan Sarovar-Academy for a Better World
This campus hosts the myriad activities of the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation. People from every field and nationality congregate here during the conferences and residential programmes that are hosted all year through. An architectural wonder complete with lush green gardens, protected greens, water recycling facilities and solar heating mechanisms, it helps one rest in the bosom of Mother Earth and rejuvenate in the warmth of the Sun of Wisdom.
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The sheer enormity of this complex startles visitors. It houses the largest hall in Asia - the Diamond Hall which can seat 20,000 people, the largest solar cooking system in Asia which can enable cooking for 35,000 people daily, accommodation facilities for around 20,000 people, a spiritual museum, a library and meditation, conference and seminar halls among other facilities. More startling is the deep peace which adorns every face and every particle in Shantivan even when activities are in full swing.
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Peace Park
Nature in all its splendour spread across a vast expanse - and surprisingly in the rain-parched state of Rajasthan! Numerous varieties of plants, flowers and fruits adorn this unique garden. The swings, open spaces and little green sheds amidst the peaceful and pure environment of Peace Park are sure to awaken the pure child in you.
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